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Protect Your Roof from Hail Damage

Roofer Working in the Lower Vancouver Island

Hailstorms are extremely difficult to protect against because they aren't all that easy to predict. They can strike out of the blue and leave you scrambling to protect your car, your garden, and, of course, yourself! Your roof, too, can sustain damages during a hailstorm that may be costly to repair and that may put your entire home at risk.

The good news is that there are impact-resistant roof options available out there, and that hail damage to the roof of your Victoria, BC home can be repaired by a qualified roofing company such as Poskitt Roofing.

Choosing an Impact Resistant Roof Covering

If your home is a new construction or if you are thinking of doing renovations on your roof, then it is a good idea to go with an impact resistant roof covering. You can find out how resistant a material is by taking a look at its UL 2218 impact-level designation. Class 4 is the most resistant, while class 1 is the least. An impact rating of class 4 means that the material is able to withstand the free-falling force of a 2-inch steel ball.

How to Identify Hail Damage

If the roof of your home has a low impact resistance and has recently been battered by a hailstorm, then you need to know how to check for and identify hail damage.

After a hailstorm, asphalt shingles may become cracked and patches of granules may come loose, exposing the underlying felt. Hail hits on asphalt often look darker in color than the surrounding area, and will likely feel softer to the touch as well. Hail hits on metal roofs likewise show up as soft dents in the metal. Hail hits on wood singles, on the other hand, usually result in sharp splits to the wood.

What to Do about Hail Damage

Hail damage needs to be repaired, as it compromises your roof's ability to properly protect your home and everything in it.

If you suspect hail damage to the roof of your Victoria, BC home, then it is time to get in touch with the qualified roofing contractors at Poskitt roofing. We offer professional roof repair services at affordable prices, so there is no need for you and your family to live under a damaged and failing roof.


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